LS for online, asynchronous introductions

Today at our (awesome) LS user group meet-up at the (gorgeous) University of Victoria, someone raised the question (we did this as a 1-2-4-all):

What ideas or suggestions do you have for using LS in asynchronous online contexts for introductions and to increase deeper dialogue?

A few of the suggestions from our (brilliant, energetic) user group folks:

  • Drawing Together: to frame an introductory post where you tell the story (using the 5 symbols and no words) of how you came to be…(in this class, in this profession, at this college/university, etc)
  • Wicked Questions: post an introduction that includes a Wicked Question (paradoxes we must confront to succeed) that challenges you in your work (e.g., for folks exploring teaching and learning in intercultural contexts, frame a WQ in those terms – how is it that we are _____ and ______ simultaneously when we teach in classrooms with great diversity?)
  • TRIZ: ¬†How would we create a terrible online course together (Note: risky if people identify things that are actually in the instructor’s plan, but useful if the instructor can adjust on the fly)
  • Impromptu Networking: post a challenge and a give/get question.


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