Day Job:

I work for an amazing organization called BCcampus, where I focus on projects, initiatives and events that support Learning and Teaching in B.C. public post-secondary education.

Previously, I spent 10 years wearing various hats and fascinators at Royal Roads University in the Centre for Teaching & Educational Technologies  (Manager of Teaching & Learning, Manager of Learning Technologies, Instructional Designer, ISW facilitator, etc.) .

Before that, 8 years at Simon Fraser University (Centre for Online and Distance Education, Faculty of Education), and earned my MA in Education there too.

I’m on LinkedIn if you want more info along those lines.


Other Vocations: 

  • ipad-doodlesGraphic Recording & Visual Practices:  Passion for facilitation, fun, and doodling flung me on the path of visual facilitation generally, and graphic recording in particular.   I love it because it fuses so many things I prize:  supporting others, visuals, creativity, smelly markers.  I do this work at sessions and events, and I offer workshops to help others get started.
  • Facilitation:  I enjoy working with teams and groups as a process facilitator (e.g., team retreats, planning days, etc).  I use a lot of  Liberating Structures to help “unleash and include everyone” in the process.




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