Week in Review: June 8, 2020

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  • Participating in a 30-day Indigenous engagement challenge continues to be so helpful on many levels – i’m learning about contemporary Indigenous artists, entrepreneurs, businesses in my area. It’s a great micro-learning approach – small tasks to do daily, and it’s also pushing my Instagramming (this makes me feel old, but there is a lot about Instagram I don’t get)
  • Indigenization Guides Book Club: we are reading the Leaders and Administrators Guide
  • Research at my organization – working on creating an overall framework and strategy, which is a creative and cognitive challenge
  • Virtual Leadership in Uncertain Times – I am taking this 3 day online course through The Grove this week because I am so keen to learn from them and develop as a leader, and because ability to estimate my time is garbage
  • Bootcamp work continues…I am excited about this, honestly. It’s classic creative steps that unfold when designing anything (“hey this is great!!…hmm, i don’t know about this…aw, dang, this is complete shit…hey, this is great!)
  • Online Coaching Circle – we hosted another coaching circle online (led by our coaching community of practice leader, Robynne Devine), which is a great practice regardless of mode, but I’m always struck at how well it works online – it’s really simple, but engaging

Media & etc…

  • White Fragility – I am finally reading this book cover to cover. I have a lot of reading and learning and listening to do right now.
  • While I am still powering through Breaking Bad, I am looking forward to the new season of Queer Eye for a dose of relentless kindness. But honestly, I’m saving it for later like a panicky squirrel.

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