Weeks in (scant) Review – Aug 10 & 19, 2020

Covid Summer

Aaaand, we’re back. I had some fun, sun, water, beer, and even social time with other humans! I am back to work now and clinging to summer; the story I’m telling myself is that when fall officially arrives, I will be locked in my house alone for months (again) so it’s a tad urgent-feeling to HAVE THE FUNS NOW! To that end, I will be celebrating my birthday and those of fellow Virgo folks I know for the entire month of September, so I guess fall is officially delayed until October.


  • Sisters Sage session – as part of an Indigenous Speakers Series at BCcampus, I had the extreme honour to prepare for and interview Lynn-Marie Angus. I am learning and making steps toward decolonizing myself in participating in the work like this. Which is vastly better than feeling frozen on the sidelines wringing my white hands about not knowing what to do.
  • Work time and space…many of us are working more flexible schedules from home these days – usually longer days and shorter (4 day) weeks. But, with EVERYTHING online – even the most casual chats – I am feeling the drain of being at the computer all…the…time. My very smart colleague Tannis is experimenting with ways to do legit work things, offline. So far I have stolen these ideas from her: dictation where possible, and do yoga/stretch while listening to work-related audio content (webinars, recordings, etc). Definitely going to play with these and seek more because I have only JUST finally started to flex on odd Fridays and would like to keep that up!
  • Honestly, I’ve done more than this in two weeks, but I’m already falling behind so as I said to Tannis earlier, this blogging is an exercise in imperfection as well as reflection. So, I’m just going to hit “publish”…

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