GoogleWave: Day 1 – 2

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gwave-tab-nov5-09 Oh boy! I’m on The Google Wave!  Captain’s Log, Stardate -313154.79848427186

  • Day 1 – Yesterday: Got invite (thanks Brent Lee!).  Stoked!  Start playing.  Huh.  Okaaaay, it looks like the video….but…there’s  nothing really going on. Not wave’s fault: I need friends.  I’m like a kid who FINALLY got Rock Band that I wanted SO BADLY for Christmas only to come to the stunning realization that there’s no one around to play with and that ruins everything. Went to bed vaguely disappointed, but still clinging of fond memories of watching that bajezus-long video and how “woah” it was at the time. It’s ok. I just need friends.
  • Day 2 – Got friends – yay! Thrashed around with a bunch of colleagues, trying every feature and gadget in a wacky mayhem of writing over each other and general “not-knowing-what-the-hell-is-going-on-ness”. Virgo tendencies emerging like mad.  Colleague points that out (thanks a pantload Terri).  Still, in spite of mocking, trying to impose some kind of order, trying to simulate real tasks.  We tested all the gadgets, and most work (ribbit conversation and the video one still =  fail for us)
  • Realization: it’s really, really good for me to be in a new technology I don’t quite get/see the potential of because I/we put people into this position all the time. My classic move for most collaborative things (sister’s wedding, most work projects, you name it) is to start a wiki. I lured my family into a 5-way Skype call to do the Xmas draw this year.  I cram “Doodle” down people’s throats endlessly (can’t we just email you? NO!).
  • What I don’t understand yet: I’m such a gigantic wiki  loving freak. why do I find the chaos of wave so unsettling?  I guess it’s a lot like wiki, but real time (so you can’t do your thing, and save…it keeps changing under your feet). So, not unlike Etherpad in that sense. But just MORE, way more moving parts.  Must stop for now, old-fashioned email piling up like mad 🙁


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