And so it begins…going “m”

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I’ll admit, I’m extremely, unfashionably late to the smart phone party. I’ve made do with my talk-and-text phones, plus laptop for the last several years.  Telecommuting (for me, anyway) has meant being much less mobile (more at home=work) than I was in my regular commuting days. But sometimes I wonder: would I get out more if I was smart-phoned?  I guess we’ll find out! Meet the new love of my life….

we barely know each other, but I love it....

we've only known each other for 4 hours, but I love it....

So this came about due to an awesome initiative at Royal Roads University (for whom I work). There are tech grants available that are designed to get instructional designers and faculty working together on new/innovative uses of technology. Sure, we do this anyway (it’s our job), but the grants helped to nudge people into directions they may not have been able to pull off before. It’s been really effective – there are lots of neat projects in the works, with support from these grants for books, equipment, conference attendance, whatever.  So there’s a fun researchy buzz going on, and we’ll all get to learn about each other’s projects in the end.

So one of mine relates to m-learning. We are going to explore how courses can be accessed  on mobile devices. Years ago, when I first heard of the idea, I thought it was crazy. Who would want to read pages of course content on their phone?  I still think that, but my thinking has broadened somewhat. We’re going to start by looking at communication and content in an undergrad business course.  And I’m interested to see what kinds of mobile learning activities might emerge from this.

So for the next while, you can expect to hear about me becoming blackberry savvy, and how that project is coming along.

So far, I’ve got to say, the thing is wicked easy to set up. I just about fell over when the multiple email setup just worked and how you can delete messages from the phone AND your inbox.  I know, I’m an executive member of the Centre for the Easily Impressed…

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  1. plaingillian

    Fun! I can’t wait to read all about it. That is what my next course is about (mobile devices and learning) so share, share, share please.


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