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Colleague and chum gotcurls wrote today about feeling the love for her professional community – ME TOO!  How lucky, lucky, lucky we are to work with people and in a field so diverse, creative, interesting, supportive, fun….well, you get the idea. I don’t want to get all misty on ya.

The etug conference was just GREAT.  The theme was “3 Cups of T: Teaching, Technology & Transformation”.  But I’ve been calling it “3 Cups of Awesome” because it just WAS.

3 Cups of Awesome

And because I got distracted by a shiny thing or a comment from the audience while I was saying thanks and goodbye at the end, I want to give a special blog-o-riffic shout out to LEVA LEE, who is just the most talented, smart, knowledgeable, gracious, thoughtful and tireless wonder woman behind the scenes – Thanks Leva!

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