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Jane Hart’s Top 10 Tools of Learning Professionals for 2009 is out – woot!

Here’s my top 10 (more or less on order):

  1. Firefox (with AdBlock Plus + delicious add ons at least).
  2. iGoogle – with tabs + blocks, incl. Gmail, Google Docs,  Google alerts, Google Reader, Twitter feed, CBC & BBC news, weather,
  3. Twitter – how I know what’s going on with people in my field. great resources,
  4. Free Wikis: WetPaint & PBWorks – this is how I work with others on projects of all kinds
  5. Jane Hart’s Learning Tools Directory – how I know what tools are out there, find recommendations for others who need a tool that does x
  6. WordPress – main way I do “websites” these days. I don’t think I even have a web editor on my computer anymore.
  7. Snagit – this is how I explain what I mean to people much of the time
  8. Doodle – use to set up meetings all the time
  9. Elluminate – to meet, give online presentations/workshops,  and a tool to integrate into courses I work on
  10. Moodle – thankfully, the only LMS I work with now

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