One thing to rule them all…?

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This keeps coming up – in cck09 and elsewhere: the need for a mega-dashboardy solution to manage all this great stuff online: feeds, tweets, posts, pics, vids, google alerts, etc – the specifics are different for everyone, but the problem is the same: how to get what you want in one place?  (this is an interesting post that describes ways in which it’s not working for lots of people)

It’s relevant to those of us thinking along PLE-lines, and relevant for anyone who, you know, uses the internet at all.

Today I was talking to a colleague (@philharrison) who encouraged me to give FriendFeed another go. I’ve tried FriendFeed a bit before, found it confusing, and abandoned it. But I’m going to give it another go.

Currently my solution is Firefox with plugins for some things (delicious, twitter) and  iGoogle with blocks for lots of other things (Gmail, Google docs, Google Reader, Twitter, etc. ). And I use Tweetdeck. And Facebook. And now Flickr. Oh and Picasa. Oh and there’s all those wikis I use to collaborate with 4 – 5 different teams/working groups. Oh and throw in a few WP sites.  And Slideshare. Well and of course I have a thing on Linked In. It goes on and on. But that’s OKAY, I’m not giving up. I have faith in the community/network to keep building better mousetraps.  I just keep looking for the one thing to rule them all.

What do YOU use?

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