A couple personal technology goals for 2013


Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Manage passwords in a more secure and sane way.  I have seen a few articles around lately that suggest the password is dead (i.e., not a secure system anymore).  Security aside, the sheer number of passwords I have (I estimate 50 or so) is just unmanageable, which leads me to dumb practices like writing them down on a piece of paper and/or using bad-but-easy-to-remember passwords. So that’s one thing.

Manage all my stuff in a more sane way. I have 2 PC laptops (personal, and work) and an iPhone and iPad. So, my documents, photos, music, etc are kind of everywhere:  on various devices, and in DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud, bla bla. I want one cloud solution to rule them all.  Right now, it feels like a barrier to creativity and productivity to have stuff all over the place.

I’m asking my network for their ideas, we’ll see where we land on these.



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