Planning for Graphic Recording with Paper, by Fifty-Three

I LOVE the app, Paper, by Fifty-Three. I use it pretty much every day, to:

  • create visuals for presentations, communiques, etc
  • create greetings for people and holidays (birthdays, Mothers Day, Valentines, etc)
  • share doodles and illustrations easily (from within the app) on Facebook and Tumblr
  • plan graphic recording gigs

Going into any graphic gig, I need a plan to start. If you do this work, you know it’s emergent and your plan can vaporize as soon as the speaker begins, but still,  I need a general idea of the layout I’m going for, and what the title is going to look like. People are going to photograph it; the title needs to look good.

Here is an example of planning for a team graphic gig:

I worked with Jason Toal on the Open Textbook Summit in April (hosted by BCcampus). We did a marathon recording day – seven back to back recordings on 6 x 4- foot whiteboards, starting with a keynote by David Wiley and Kim Thanos of Lumen Learning.

To prepare, we talked on Skype and shared doodles online on Google Drive. I did my doodles with Paper

Here’s a concept sketch (done in Paper), and the final result (done on paper)

Photo of actual title, on paper. Open Textbook Summit - April 2014

Photo of actual title, on paper. Open Textbook Summit – April 2014

Concept Sketch in Paper

Concept Sketch in Paper by Fifty Three for Open Textbook Keynote

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