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RRU-au-revoirAfter 10 years and so much (relationships, courses, projects, workshops…)  I’m proud and delighted to have been apart of, I left RRU on August 1.

I will never forget the royal send-off  from the community – beautiful words and drawings from my friends and colleagues. It’s a great place, and I’m very fortunate to have been a part of it for so long.




I start a new adventure on September 2, which means, I have a MONTH OFF….! aug-2014



So, I’m doing all kinds of stuff with this precious, precious gift of time, including:

  • reading my head off. I’ve become a regular at the library again
  • took an art therapy class
  • took a glass jewelry making class (I’ve never worked with glass before – I think it’s cool, creatively, to try a foreign media. Turned out well – I’m wearing it!
  • connecting with my friends and family, near and far
  • a bunch of random little stuff we never have time to do in our busy lives: passport, driver’s license, etc
  • spending a week in a cabin on Kemp Lake
  • Whatever else I can get to on my Pinterest Staycation board

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