What is the deepest need for those you serve?

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Today in a global gathering of Liberating Structures folks, we were discussing the question,

What is the deepest need for the people you serve?

I work in higher education, and I think the deepest need right now is realizing, confronting, and addressing diversity, equity and inclusion. How?

  • we can encourage teaching practices that disrupt teacher-centred power structures and invite a shift in focus from “teaching” to learning
  • we can direct resources toward removing barriers and enabling access to education
  • we can plan events and spaces that take special care to support diversity, equity and inclusion (we did a lot about this at the recent Festival of Learning: code of conduct, pronoun ribbons, gender neutral washrooms)
  • we can recruit people who aren’t the usual suspects to be keynote speakers, presenters, leaders of committees, task forces, etc.
  • we can direct resources toward investigating these questions
  • we can create positions of power in institutions that support these needs
  • we can support conversations and change processes that help those who typically hold power to let go with some dignity and grace. (Liberating Structure in development: Griefwalking)

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