Inktober: “Cruel” experience

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Inktober is fantastic! I’m enjoying the heck out of drawing to a new word every day and seeing what my friends and the world comes up with!  Today’s prompt was “Cruel”. This was my first sketch:

Meh. A tad sad. I felt I could do better, so I kept rolling it around suddenly remembered that a real green dress is cruel, according to the Barenaked Ladies hit, “If I had a million dollars”. So:

“Cruel” Inktober 2018

I thought at least Canadians of a certain age would get it after a beat or two. For good measure, I put a Canadian flag tag and a bouncing “Gordon” ball. I wish I had thought to put a dijon mustard stain on it and set it in a dry-cleaning shop. Anyway, others had other non-BNL interpretations, which is so great:

  • It’s a reference to Mommie Dearest, with the cruel mother and the wire hangers
  • It’s a reference to current situation with Michaëlle Jean and her position as secretary general of la Francphonie
  • It’s a reference to Pepsi
  • It’s a reference to the state of women in the US today

It’s whatever you think. Happy Inktober!

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