on being an ID/learner in an open course

So I’m taking this course, which is so awesome on so many levels. I can’t help but reflect on it through the lenses of “Instructional Designer” and “Learner”.

Stuff I’ve noticed…

  • the strong start. we’ve got text, video, a moodle course, a live elluminate conference on day 1. there are lists of things to do, view, read, etc.  it all feels very clear and organized and course-like (take that, people who think open courses are  bad/inferior/lower quality)
  • how many people are in the course – mah gawd.  I wonder: what would happen if they threw us in random teams of 10? or allowed us to form groups based on interest (or geography,  or whatever).
  • how many people have mentioned an interest in Second Life. I admit: i leaped in with excitement when it was a hot topic a few years ago (I am a retired Sims fan, it just made sense). Spent several hours choosing a name and  tweaking my avatar and flying around with my Instructional Designer friends. And then we all got bored and failed to see the educational potential, especially when held up against the huge ordeal to get the adult learners with whom we work in  there.  It will be neat to learn if anything of value is going on from an educational perspective now that some time has passed.
  • how, in spite of my deep affection (and heaps of experience) with Moodle, I’m less interested in it than in developing this blog and using the other tools to scoop up all the bits and pieces people are tagging cck09.

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