No Comments on Connectivism…

I just watched/read

Key Points for me at this stage:

  • knowledge:
    • IS fundamentally networked, grown, distributed across connections, a set of connections (neural/biological basis)
    • IS NOT a thing, transferable, propositional (i.e., composed of sentences), constructed
  • learning is: capacity to construct and travel networks
  • Objectives of the theory:1. how are networks grown/developed? 2. describe successful (trustworthy) networks

Things I am unsure about:

  • information vs. knowledge
  • knowledge/knowing vs. resourcefulness/ability to find?
  • the role of the individual, cognition
  • if this applies to all kinds of knowing
  • if/how to reconcile with constructivism (specifically, the parts that make sense to me)
  • application, assessment, bla bla bla in the big-E Educational context in which Iwork

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