open courses – does anyone take them? Actually yes: here are some stats

So, this is interesting…in the Elluminate session tonight with George Siemens and Stephen Downes to kick of cck09, they mentioned..

  • last year (cck08) they had 2200 people sign up for this (free) open course!
  • this year (cck09) they have 709
  • of those, 20 actually registered/paid to take the course for credit
  • and of those 709, about 54 showed up to the Elluminate kick off tonight

This makes me wonder:

  • how many (of the 709) will stick it through?
  • how do the 20 paying people feel about the rest of us being there?

And also…

  • I wonder (of the 709) who will I connect with? and how?

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