cck09 begins!

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I’m ridiculously excited about this. I’ve been sort of lusting after the ETL Certificate program for some time.  But, gah….I haven’t been able to reconcile questions such as:

  • Do I *want* to go back to school again? (um…er…well….not really)
  • Do I want to/can I justify the money? (um, i dunno…?)
  • Do I *need* the credential? (no).  I do a lot of pro-d and learning by just being in the field, having great colleagues, and frankly, Twitter.
  • but, but….I want to learn the stuff, see how they do it, spend some time as a learner (god knows I should – I spend my life subjecting others to learning environments I design!)

So because we live in interesting OPEN times, i have an opportunity to do a course in the program! How freekin’ cool is that?? so freekin’ cool!

and maybe, no….likely….it will help me become the blogger I aspire to be (instead of the fits-and-spurts inconsistent lamewad blogger I have been to date).  At least for a 12 week stretch. Rock on.

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