IDWAD needs: better way to meet at a distance…

I work at a distance. I work with people I know and have worked with f2f.  We meet weekly or more, and we use the following:

  • elluminate – web conferencing tool that is ugly, but works
  • sometimes DimDim (ugh) – frustrating web conferencing tool
  • teleconferences, i.e., phone

Sometimes, in addition we use things like:

  • wikis – PBWorks
  • Etherpad – for real time collaboration/brainstorming (doesn’t do tables, unfortunately)

None of these are ideal, but they are affordable/what we have access to. I don’t see a huge advantage with the more expensive versions of elluminate for the problems i have.


  • web conferencing: usually requires a lot of screwing around with audio/video settings, multiplied by the number of people in the room. technology not transparent.
  • web conferencing: none of us are very skilled at it yet. i think it takes time to get to a place where people are comfortable, the technology becomes more transparent.  I am working to get better at this and think of ways to help facilitate/participate better in these sessions
  • phone: can be hell to be the one person on the other end of a room full of people, but it’s the easiest way to be a part of what they’re doing, without asking for a lot of accommodation and causing inconvenience to the whole group

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