Staycation 2013: I built a table!

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Inspired by this great post, I decided to build myself a counter-height art table (main  modification was to skip the additional legs – didn’t need it for height).  Here’s how I did it:

First: assemble supplies. I got all my stuff from the local Rona, Walmart, and Home Hardware (Corona from the liquor store).


First, I got a bunch of stuff

I started with the shelves I wanted (3 x 3 cube shelves in Espresso). Unfortunately the pre-made table top from Rona (in the picture) turned out to be too narrow (needed 3 ft), but I saved a ton of money by returning it and getting a piece of laminated particleboard cut to the size I needed (3 x 5, plus I now have extra 6 ft long piece  in case I ever want the table longer).

Next, build the shelves (takes awhile, but is easy). Then plop the table top on and start to get excited because the end is already in sight.

Next, attach table top and finish rough edges.  The brilliant tip from that blog I mentioned is using VELCRO DOTS to attach the table. They guy at Rona insisted that I follow this protocol:   stick velcro dots together, then peel off plastic from one side, stick it to the shelf, then peel the other side (so one side is now attached and the other is sticky side up) and place the table top exactly where you want it so the dots always line up perfectly.  Worked out fine. To get a nice edge, I ironed on a strip of laminate with a regular household iron. That was a bit of a pain, but worth it.



Finally, move in! There is a LOT of storage in 18 little cubes, and those cloth bins are a bit pricey, but seem worth it because they fit and add a punch of colour.


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