Staycation 2013: Art excuse removal = fix the room

I took an art class recently and the topic of “what stops us” from being creative came up. I earnestly shared with the class that I really didn’t have the right space.

The room erupted in raucous laughter.

Kindly, been-there-said-that, understanding laughter, but laughter nonetheless.   I guess that ol’ chestnut is high on the list of excuses, and in my case, I admit, it’s getting pretty worn out – I’ve been trotting it out for quite awhile.  So, I fixed my room. This mainly involved ditching the desk and building a counter-height table, and I also laid down a $16 indoor/outdoor brown carpet (so my oh-but-I-have-light-carpet excuse is no longer valid). The table is centered in the room so i can move all the way around it, and the cubby holes are full of now-organized and easily accessed supplies: paper, paint, pens, pastels, photos, etc, etc.


Aaaand done…!


Before: my office/room

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