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This is part of the cover of my creativity journal

It’s all about creativity lately.   The ball started rolling when I was introduced to a friend of a friend, an artist and therapist looking for a guinea pig to develop an approach to creativity coaching. What a great arrangement! I get to be coached (which involves various fun “homework”,  reflective journalling, and getting feedback), and in exchange I give her feedback, and help her to think through some of the issues of online/course design for developing this into a course down the road. It’s great – I’m  working away on weekly assignments that have me painting and drawing my face off.

It’s interesting how this plopped in my lap once I had created space for it (by building my table and changing my office into a studio space).  It’s also interesting how so many people I talk to seem starved for a creative outlet, but may need a nudge, and the opportunity to realize it’s not necessarily about product.  I think she’s really onto something with the creativity coaching.   As the rains of fall/winter descend, I’m looking forward to many dark and cozy afternoons in the studio!

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