Turning 40 is no big deal, and yet…

I turned 40 this past September. It was no big deal, though I have since noticed various ways in which I may be arguably “getting older”.  I shall list them here for posterity and amusement.

  • While flying home from Las Vegas recently, I found myself thinking, “gosh, I would love to have all that (short plane ride away, desert heat, pool, palm trees, great USA shopping, maybe golf…) without all the craziness, you know?!”  So basically I’m looking for like, Palm Springs.
  • I was in Vegas to fulfill a bucket list item: seeing Jimmy Buffett. Yeah, that’s right. The old guy whose massive hit (Margaritaville) happened in the 1970’s.
  • This week, I actually accepted help carrying my groceries out for the first time ever
  • While waiting at the eye doctor (for a new prescription, as it turns out), I was confronted with a pamphlet entitled, “Eye Care After 40”
  • I am routinely annoyed by teens hanging around in the walking path behind my house because their conversations are so vacuous and boring. And then I worry for the future because of this.  And then I spend a lot of time hoping they tear down the high school and build something good (read: quiet). Like a Chapters bookstore. Or maybe a lawn bowling club.

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