Advice about African Violets

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My Nana died on Halloween, and I have inherited her African Violets.  They have been sadly sans fleurs until today, which gave me quite a lift. They are special to me for a couple reasons.

First, they were a constant thing in her home. Maybe like your grandmother, Nana always had African Violets on her kitchen windowsill.

Second, one year I bought us “twins” – they were the most unique African Violets I’ve ever seen – pink with purple dots. Mine didn’t make it, but hers has grown and flourished under her expert care for many years. And now I have it. A second chance.

Which brings me to the advice. My cousin Sharlot tells it best, solemnly  recounting the sage African Violet Advice Nana gave to her:

  1. water them when dry, with lukewarm water, from the bottom up (i.e., put the whole pot in a bath in the kitchen sink overnight)
  2. use Dr. Schultz fertilizer (not necessarily the African Violet formula – any one will do)
  3. finally, and this is very important:  toss them if they start to look like crap.  for heaven’s sake, they are only $1.49 at the grocery store!

Thanks Nana!

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