Week in Review: March 23, 2020

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  • Monday:
    • needed 3 meditations to get going today (10 percent happier and Calm are great)
    • Team Huddle about next moves for BCcampus-hosted online sessions this week. Decided to stick with same 3 themes (exams online, experiential learning online, and general human support and communication right now).
  • Tuesday:
    • Starting to think and make plans about what’s next – projects, events, priorities. Some of us are ready to start thinking and moving ahead, others not. Some run toward the chaos, others hold back. All are legit, and we need a variety of styles and perspectives more than ever.
    • I’m getting tired (brain tired, cognitive load) of being in live, large group online sessions so often. And at the same time, $%#*@ grateful to have a job, and one that goes on.
    • Detailed discussion with colleagues about whether sports bra passes the threshold of being “dressed” now. I think it absolutely does. We are also aware that if this thing goes on for weeks, it might be an opportunity to go grey/stop dying hair.
  • Wednesday:
    • Basics of Online Learning/No Dumb Questions session was well attended and brilliantly facilitated by BCcampus peeps from the Open Ed and Learning & Teaching teams.
    • Online drinks with old friends from the Okanagan
  • Thursday:
    • MANY MOAR ONLINE MEETINGS, including a discussion about the Indigenization guides
    • Went for a WALK. Outsiiiiiiide! Social distancing and friendliness in effect in my neighbourhood.
    • BCcampus Virtual games (jackbox) – super fun and brilliantly hosted by Selina and Moira.
    • I have signed up to participate in the “Great BCcampus Baking show”. I don’t really bake and won’t be going out for special ingredients, so this should a creative challenge. It’s “cake week” with a Monday reveal. I’ll tackle that Sunday.
    • Online drinks with my women’s circle, which is a reliable and deep well of strength, smarts, creativity, kindness, laughs. I am so grateful this group was established before all this
  • Friday:
    • meetings, coaching session, some planning, staring out window, forgetting things, and email.
    • online drinks with SCETUG pals. These are front-line folks making the “pivots” happen – educational technologists, instructional designers, etc. They look tired, sound a bit punchy, but moving mountains and winning, in spite of it all, and doing it with humour and generosity/sharing with each other.

So it’s mostly working online and online get togethers. And daily briefings with JT and Dr. Henry. And a persistent eye twitch. Many colleagues starting to report frustration from being cooped up with spouses and/or kids. Having neither is a relief in a way, and also sometimes really lonely in these strange days. I can tell from how my head/brain feels that I need to rest my online working brain and get some art going this weekend.

No links this week. You’ve probably clicked enough links. Here’s another cartoon virus:

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