Year in Review: March 16-20, 2020

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“Highlight” Reel

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  • Monday: many meetings about what to do and how to communicate. Many 1:1 or small group chats about how we’re holding up. We know we will take turns falling apart, and that’s ok. A booze exchange springs up in my neighbourhood: I receive beer from one friend, and offer wine to another.
  • Tuesday: stress chewed gel nail polish off. Did a bunch of other stuff.
  • Wednesday: noticing many of us moving into “doing” mode. Loved seeing the garbage truck come to my street today. Noticing I’m getting up earlier and earlier. Appreciating the “cut the shit” attitude taking over in many corners – we don’t have time or energy, so be good and be good at it. Unfollowing, unsubscribing, and muting people and things (which is easily done since every company is sending email telling you what they are doing about COVID-19. Thanks Reitmans! actually, I do appreciate they are paying staff even though stores are closing, so i will buy cardigans from them in future).
  • Thursday: Our boss hosted 25+ people online for meditation and connection and then an online dance party. Then 80 hundred other things happened and I needed a BREAK so I unplugged and listened to VERY LOUD music and did a tornado of yard work outside in the sun. Felt immensely better.
  • Friday: a team of us hosted sessions online at 10 and 2 with about 170 people from all over the BC PSE sector. I am in fresh awe of my colleagues. I feel so much for ALL the teachers who are trying to “pivot online” with care for students but not enough time to learn new tech or think it through. Some have access to a teaching and learning centre with experienced IDs, Ed Techs, and others to help. Many don’t. Our team is exhausted, but pleased with our efforts and the response. In between sessions, my mom drove into my driveway for a visit. She stayed in her car. I stood in my driveway. I wanted to hug her so bad. Maybe in July, we joked. Finding myself heading toward to bed at 8:15pm. Planning to head into the woods tomorrow, to burn things and drink beer in the sun, while it lasts. Will we get an order to shelter in place next week? Sigh. According to Facebook my Pandemic name is Wrung Out Grilled Cheese. Stay Fresh, Cheese Bags!

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