Week in Review: May 19, 2020

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We wear masks now…
  • We are making new things (courses, offerings) to support educators get ready for fall, and it’s fun and challenging. I have to keep reminding myself that thrashing around in the creative mess is important – if we latch on to an idea/solution too fast (to end our discomfort of not knowing), we risk missing an opportunity. So we thrash on.
  • We are accepting some things for the foreseeable: working at home, many courses to be online (fully or partially), wearing masks in public, and dumping any summer travel savings you had into other hobbies and outlets. For me it’s a yard I am so grateful to have.
  • MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: I have managed to entice a beloved colleague out of retirement for a short project during this strange time. This is a major victory; I’ve been barking up that tree for about 6 years and she keeps telling me to pound sand because she loves gardening and building things, and generally enjoying her well-earned retirement. Anyway, when BJ Eib and I work together on stuff, it always turns out really well, so I’m amped.
  • MAJOR HIGHLIGHT: I attended a private online concert (in MS Teams, which slays me) with STEVEN PAGE! SO EXCITING!!! I loved it – I sang, I danced, I got mad at the dumb questions people asked him, I pored over every visible detail of his basement, I felt like a weirdo for taking pics, but I did anyway. Thanks to my buddy Pete for making that possible for me!! (he knows I would kill him if he didn’t, but I appreciate it anyway).

Media and whatnot

  • I am finally watching Breaking Bad. I know. I tried years ago/when it was a thing, but I couldn’t handle it. Now it strikes me as kind of over the top/campy (not unlike Tarantino?) so I don’t know what my deal was but anyway, it ticks the Netflix box.

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