PLENK 2010 – Back to School!

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PLENK 2010 begins tomorrow! Yay! Back to School!  Kinda. (Back to MOOC?)

Back to MOOC!

Back to…MOOC?

I’m taking it because I got so much out of cck09.

And, it will make

me blog, i.e., reflect differently about work, my field, etc.

Tonight I’m setting myself up (creating tags, categories, etc and organizing my blog to house my thoughts in the coming weeks).  Hmph…”back to school” used to mean new pens, paper, books, etc.  Perhaps I’ll buy myself a new pen anyway.

As an instructional designer/educational technologist/someone who works in post-secondary education, I love the whole grand experiment of a  MOOC (Massive Online Open Course – 1149 participants!).

As a learner, I’ve already encountered the feeling of being overwhelmed I had at times in cck09, but I’m going to manage it differently this time.  Like, I’m going to give myself more permission to speed-skim and/or pass on things like 100+ postings to the Moodle Introduction forum before the course even starts (yoiks)!  It’s a bummer because that’s the network. But it’s too much to read,  and honestly, forums are about my least favourite tool.  So I’ll find other ways to connect.  That said, my speed skim did pay off for my task of getting organized tonight…this fantastic guy kindly laid out all the PLENK links in a nice list, so I added them to my blogroll in their own category for easy reference.

I think one good strategy for connecting in such a massive group would be a video intro. Dave’s was really helpful, and I want to know what tool he used to do that!  I’m going to opt for getting a jump on reading instead, though, at least for the moment.

2 thoughts on “PLENK 2010 – Back to School!

  1. Sylvia Currie

    Eduardo is a fantastic guy 🙂

    You want to know how to do a great video intro? Check out the current SCoPE seminar with Jesai Jayhmes. He’s the the how to present yourself online guy. We’re talking back drop, green screen, breathing, making eye contact… (and maybe a little tool talk) Well, do that after you finish your reading!


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