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I like practical things…

In this post, Dave addresses (among other things), the whole challenge of assessment and grading in formal education if using PLE/N approach (yes, it’s an issue to be dealt with, no, it’s not insurmountable).  In this video, Stephen Downes talks about a new tool/system that could effectively support the PLE/N way of doing things (easy ways to create and distribute all kinds of content in all kinds of formats/ways).

Both of these are important to me in understanding/integrating these ideas into real terms. For those of us who are –  or work with –  instructors, these practical considerations are really, really important.

It’s not uncommon for students to use wikis or blogs for course work (either within an LMS, or outside of it because the within-LMS tools are generally lame). But the problem of staying on top of all that content (especially if using multiple 3rd party tools – I use WP, you use Blogger, this other person uses pbworks, and so on)  either keeps instructors from trying it, or keeps learning communities from going the distance and forming an integrated network if they do try it. it’s just too much of a pain.

I would love to use a system like Downes describes – could be huge!

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