Week in Review: April 22, 2020

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“Highlight Reel” seems like an overstatement

  • Monday: Things aren’t great. One of my colleagues refers to a “covid wall” and I relate. I recognize early-warning stress signals and start making a half-baked plan to have a retreat at home. Online shopping begins (btw, Quilts, etc has a sale on Tencel sheets and they are fantastic)
  • Tuesday: Liberating Structures online, in which we do Shift & Share and Caravan. I love that 50+ facilitation weirdos show up every single time.
  • Wednesday: Unclear. It was a day. There were meetings, etc.
  • Thursday: My team is the greatest, that’s the main thing. In the beforetimes, i would have been facilitating a f2f Liberating Structures workshop at Royal Roads University. Of course, that’s been cancelled, but I keep half a day off to prepare for my “all-reclusive retreat”.
  • Friday: Retreat begins!. Also, I meet a landscaper about a yard project (since I am no longer going to Europe this summer). He can probably start in NOVEMBER. The search for a landscaper continues.
cartoon image of a virus looking stressed out and with an eye twitch
Still with the eye twitch…

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